How To Choose The Right Skip Bin Size

When it comes to containing and moving a large amount of waste or junk, nothing beats the economy and efficiency of skip bins.

It is the best thing to use because the capacity of these bins let you get rid of copious amounts of waste without making multiple trips to the dump. The durability also allows you to get rid of material that may break plastic bags or damage a wheelie bin.

In fact, by renting a skip bin you even help the environment as all skip bin waste is sorted for recycling!

“But how do I choose what size of skip bin is best for my project?” you may ask. Well, that is what this blog is all about!

How Are Skip Bins Sized?

Skip bin capacity is measured in cubic meters, which is a calculation derived from multiplying the length, width, and height of an object.

The most exact way to pick your skip bin size is to measure the cubic dimensions of the stuff you want to throw away. You can calculate it by using a tape measure to measure then calculate its size. This works best for things like furniture, bags of junk, and so on.

But such measurements take time, not to mention the difficulty of measuring tons of junk in the garage or knowing exactly how much waste may come from home renovations!

The Best Way To Pick A Skip Bin Size

The second method of picking the right skip bin size is by estimating how many wheelie bins your waste would fill.

Everyone has a wheelie bin as part of their home waste removal. These little bins are great for everyday waste, but not so useful when you have a lot of it!

Since we are all familiar with wheelie bins, it should be easy to eyeball how many you would fill after completing your project.

In general, you can fill a 2 m3 skip bin with 8 wheelies worth of stuff.

Here’s a handy sizing guide of what Titan Skip Bins can handle:

Capacity in m3 (L x W x H) Wheely Bins Project types
2 (1.9 m x 1.6 m x 0.9 m) 8 Small clean ups, office desk-size furniture
3 (2.5 m x 1.6 m x 0.9 m) 12 Small clean ups, mattress-size furniture
4 (3.3 m x 1.6 m x 0.9 m) 16 Cleaning a few rooms, minor renovations, couch-sized furniture
6 (3.7 m x 1.6 m x 1.3 m) 24 Cleaning half a house, medium renovations
8 (3.8 m x 1.65 m x 1.6 m) 32 Spring cleaning your garage/house, landscaping, extensive renovations

To make things even easier for you, Titan Skip Bins sized 3 m3 and above have drop-doors! These doors give you a little ramp into the bin, letting you walk in for easy access to the entire bin. Perfect for larger, bulky items!

Tips and Notes About Renting A Skip Bin

When in doubt, pick a larger skip bin. It is more cost-effective to have unused capacity than having to re-hire a bigger bin; bins need to be picked up and delivered with special trucks which costs you time and money.

Road safety regulations are very strict on limiting skip bin filling up to the rim of the bin, so make sure you have one big enough to fit everything. If it goes over the rim, you will need to get a bigger one and move everything to it!

Asbestos, food waste, gas bottles, paints, oils, chemicals, empty chemical containers, and tree trunks are strictly NOT allowed in skip bins. They are hazardous waste for our diligent recyclers to pick through and for the environment. Such items should be disposed of via specialized waste collectors.

Make sure the skip bin is placed in the right place, with the right permits. If a bin is placed on council property (on the nature strip or on the road), you will need a council permit. We can handle that for you. Costs vary by council.


We hope you learned a thing or two about picking the right size skip bin. If you’re still unsure or would like to book one, give us a call at 0412 777 790 and we can consult on your needs!

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